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award-winning architectural studio

How does Thorne Group Architecture work?

I just want something basic, will this service cost more than a set plan?

Generally speaking, no (when comparing like for like). What we offer is a bespoke home design service with your vision in mind so while our cost is reflective of the time involved in detailing you'll know from the out-set what the cost will be as opposed to getting a nasty surprise later on (as is often the case when you make changes to a set plan).

How should l prepare for the initial meeting?

When it comes to style we want to be on your wavelength, so we'd love for you to bring along any visual aids that will help us to better understand your vision. Magazine cuttings and Pinterest boards are great, or websites such as have good ideas too.

Is it stresssful?

In a nutshell, no. Our unique service and close-knit team means that we can take care of everything from the initial concept right through to the finishing touches on your home. We also have access to two exceptional interior designers (Urban Lounge & Gezellig Interiors) who we utilise to ensure that your experience is even easier.

We also like to keep you in the loop at all times. Thanks to some world class systems we're able to give you access to your own secure website, that you can log into on any computer and view photos of your house as it develops. Your website also includes daily logs from project managers and a timeline that shows you exactly what will be happening on site everyday until the day you move in!

What if l don't have a clear idea of what l want?

That is fine. In our initial meeting we'll take the opportunity to get to know you better, starting with how you live and build an idea from there. Our interior designers also help to fine tune this experience as well.

At what stage do l start paying?

All the initial stages of planning (as outlined below) are complimentary. Including:

- Site meeting (1 hour)

- Review of on-line assessment

- Client meeting to further ascertain requirements (1 hour)

From this point, a full fee proposal will be presented.

What are the benefits of this service?

  • We pride ourselves on being a close-knit team (where everybody knows one another) so that we can work collectively and efficiently at all stages of the build.

  • Our designers and architects are in constant communication with project managers from the get-go and are regularly out on site. This gives Jon and his design team a massive insight into ensuring the most efficient allocation of materials (and labour) from the initial design stages right through to completion.

  • We have a quantity surveyor based in-house which means that there are no big surprises with costs. This is especially useful in situations where you may need to make late changes to plans given that this would normally incur substantial design fees.

Do l own the plans?

Yes Thorne Group Architecture is a separate business from Thorne Group build. You will pay for your plans separately and can build with other builders if you wish.

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